Author's Guidelines

  1. The manuscript to be submitted in general maybe organized in the following order: a) Title Page, b) Abstract, c) Main Text (Introduction, Methods (Research design, Participants and sampling, Instrument, Data collection, Data analysis) Results, Discussion, Conclusions), d) Reference List, and e) Acknowledgment (if there is any financial support or assistance).
  2. Submitted manuscripts should not have been published or submitted elsewhere. Authors may also submit papers electronically through e-mail:
  3. The title page of the paper should contain: a) Full title of the paper, b) Full name/s of the author/s, and address/es of institutions where the work was done, c) Name, e-mail address of the author to whom all correspondence and proofs should be sent d) A running head of not more than 50 characters including spaces and punctuations.
  4. Abstract should not be more than 250 words. Keywords must also be provided and not more than five words in alphabetical order.
  5. Spelling should conform to the Webster International Dictionary.
  6. Units of measurement, symbols and abbreviations must be written in metric units.
  7. Drawing, graphs, tables and illustrations should be presented as follows: a) Computer- generated or conforming to specific printing standards, b) Line diagrams can be computer-generated, and c) Unpublished reports, ongoing researches, manuscripts in progress should not be cited.
  8. A paper must not exceed 6000 words, single-spaced with no additional spaces between paragraphs, on one side of the A4 bond paper (8.69” x 11.69”) including illustrations, notes and references.
  9. Lettering in serif typeface (Times New Roman) and 12-point font is preferable. 
  10. All pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Tables, diagrams, etc. should be properly numbered, labeled and included in the numbering of the pages of the text.
  11. The American Psychological Association (APA), latest edition, style of notation and reference listing, will be used for all articles.
  12. Only works cited in the paper should be listed as references and arranged in alphabetical order. Authors are urged to check references with special care that all references in the text appear at the end of the paper and vice versa, and that the names and dates are consistent as no editorial responsibility can be taken for their accuracy.